Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Moscow... the world... me...

... This are strange days. I am a little confused, I don't feel like writing before things sink in:


in the country I love the most

my first real vacations after maybe 5 years

with someone I hardly know, just the two of us (don't they say that new couples usually break up at their first vacations together?)

since yesterday in the city I love the most

in a relationship

practicing Russian, trying to understand what they say to me (fuck, they speak so fast...) and to speak as correct as I can

In hotel rooms and lobbies so outside of my world and my reality...

(anyway, hello to everybody in Athens...)

mpe mpeeeeee is foul of surprises, it advertises NOTHING, ....NOTHING...


spyros said...

Geia sou ki esena Provateeee....
zilevozilevozilevo (ta kala tis ypo8esis)

boyracer said...

how do u say
in russian?