Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Are you in philantrhopy lately? Wanna Help? you know people?

(δεν είμαι ψωνάρα - το έγραψα αγγλικά το post για να μπορούν να το διαβάσουν οι που ανήκουν στο κοινό στόχος.... καλά, είμαι ψωνάρα.... χε χε μπε μπεεεε)

Unique Opportunity for Non-Profit Seeking Charitable Brand Boost

Leo Burnett, the American office of the advertising agency I work for, is desperately seeking for a non – profit organization based in the United States

as a prospective client partner with the goal to help grow a new or unknown entity into a powerful, recognized brand,

putting its full range of services behind the partnership.

Please if you know an interested organization, or even better work or volunteer for one,

visit http://www.packagedgood.org/ to learn more and (why not?) submit proposals for consideration.

As they say, and I totally agree, is an incredible opportunity for a deserving cause.

We are talking Leo Burnet here – one of the iconic brands of advertising with vaaaaaaaast recourses.

Please pass it along!

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