Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday noon in Manchester's cathedral

Today as I was visiting Manchester's cathedral, a historic monument that still operates as a worship place, a very old and typical British couple caught my attention.

The two of them, a man and a woman, were standing side by side - their bodies' position indicated that one supported the other, in many, many different ways, for many, many years.

I watched them as they whispered prayers, holding hands and with their eyes closed.

And then I realized what was that what kept their hands together: A black and white, very old picture, of someone I couldn't see. Maybe a child of the couple, long dead, but still remembered? Who knows...

... and then I realized that the thing that makes every church, of every religion, in every corner of the world, a very special place, a sacred one, is, of course, not the God's presence in it... it is merely the fact that churches "house" our most dark and bitter tears.

Those that are shed for the people we lost, early and unexpectedly. The tears for the loved ones we will never see again.

The old man sensed that I observed them, open his eyes and nodded at me.

I nodded back with a little smile, embarrassed that I was caught stealing such a private and sacred a moment.

The old man smiled as if saying "it's o.k., do not worry...".




DonnaBella said...

h agaphmenh mou ekklhsia gia klama (i kid you not) einai o agios dionyshs sth skoufa. meta paw k katevazw k kamia kafespanakopita sto filion, h sandwichaki sto rosebud/tribeca, k oklhrwnetai epityxws h diadikasia. kryo pragma oi kathedrikes vre paidi mou. kai paraeinai austhros o theos tous. apapa. o dikos mas ektos apo pio kaloulhs k glykoulhs,eimai sigourh pws exei krathsei k kati apo thn katergaria tou Dia :-) (perimenw ton aforismo parauta...)

κούνελος said...

oreo post you provatos!

guideline said...

ωραια τοποθετηση!!τα δακρυα για τους αδικοχαμενους!σνιφ!καλημερα

ΦΟΥΛΗ said...
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κόκκινο μπαλόνι said...



υ.γ. ισχύει το σχόλιο στο νέο ποστ επί 100000000 (περίπου)

provato said...

costantina :-))

donnabella, mpa emena me apoksenonei ligo o A Dionisios, mou kanei poli kosmikos, poli, den ksero giati... kai epipleon, latrevo tis katholikes eklisies! po po diafonisame epitelous!

thank you στιφαδούλη!

guideline φιλια! :-))

εσύ που έσβησες το κόμεντ, γκρ γκρ γκρ γκρ γκρ γκρ γκρ.... άμα δεν καταλαβαίνεις, δεν είναι απαραίτητο να σχολιάζεις... φιλιά

κόκκινο μπαλόνι xxxxx :-))

Yiannis/Pefki said...

Wraio keimeno...alla giati sta agglika???

provato said...

διότι ρε Yianni τα ξενοδοχεία στο Μάντσεστάα δεν έχουν γραμματοσειρά ελληνική. γι αυτό!